Getting social

Social media can help your company grow in a variety of ways…. Whether that be:  Growing into a brand – creating personality, converting visits to website hits, and growing in awareness.


Creating a brand personality is important, and social media is at the forefront of this. It enables people to see how you really are, putting a face to a brand, putting a voice to, and putting conversation to a brand. One of the best ways to start on this, is to look up the national trends that are happening and get involved. Taking #nationalpancakeday as an example


– film yourself and colleagues making/flipping your pancakes – take a boomerang, have the whole range of toppings out – sugar, chocolate, honey etc! Have a debate – get people involved, create a poll – what’s your favourite topping?


This creates conversation, leading to engagement, leading to awareness of your company.

It might start off slow, don’t expect hundreds of comments and likes, build it up.

It’s all about quality over quantity.

Growing visits to a website can be done in a number of ways, but by using social media it’s a reminder of what the page is originally about. It’s important to mix up content so it’s not always about products/company but when you do, keep it interesting so people want to find out more and include the website link. E.g. post the beginning of a blog, so people can click and read on, highlight a new product, show off a new design you have created but tease it, so it’s not all there. You can even have a guest blog – ask a client to write their review, or a work experience student to write about how their week went. People will see the website/company side and when they do need you, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds.

Social media works by people following you, if you don’t have any followers, you’re technically just talking to an empty room. Followers may start off as friends and family – don’t let that put you off, be savvy! Add your social media handles onto email signatures for clients to see, add handles onto paperwork, packaging – ask clients/customers to upload a photo with the product – this will be uploaded onto the clients/customers social media and it will link to yours – their followers will see, therefore a chain reaction of new followers…building awareness! You can even create a competition: 100th follower receives a bottle of bubbles in the post – or link it to your company. Don’t forget the simple things, create your very own hashtag. This can then be used on posts and will allow content to be seen by people searching for topics. Also build in trending hashtags within your content too so they can be seen – as mentioned earlier.  Building awareness is just the beginning, again it’s all about wanting quality people not quantity.

Finally, and most important of all. Choose the right platform for YOU and keep it up to date. There’s no point having every platform but not posting often. Start off with one e.g. Facebook and go from there. Instagram can then come in, and Twitter etc. But don’t have them for the sake of them. Be you, keep it real. Have an Instagram account, keep it active, posting on your grid every day and uploading stories of behind the scenes, product reminders, and latest news! Take your time. You’ll see when the best time of day is to post, change it up and you’ll improvements. Make time to analyse, check it monthly – see what’s worked and what hasn’t and keep growing!

Our latest social media work was for long time client Castons Furniture World.  Without much social presence, they needed help creating a presence and curating content, so we looked at their messaging and how to engage with their potential customers with product facts and information – a week later they received their first order! How about that for a return on investment!


If this is all feeling a bit daunting, and you don’t know where to start then we are here to help!

Get in touch, and we can assist with ideas, content and scheduling.  We’ll put the kettle on!

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