Being Remembered

With communication now available 24/7, there really are no excuses to fall behind when talking to your clients. As a business there are many positive steps that you can take that can help take control and keep a positive relationship with clients.


Here are our top key points:


We’re not talking about in general but keep the conversation going. If you’re out of the office for the afternoon, then let them know. A small email will go a long way: ‘just a heads up, we’re out of the office this afternoon. We’ll be back in tomorrow to catch-up!’ This will help avoid any frustrations and any misunderstandings. Never assume – it won’t go down well!

2. Personal touches

Make note of a clients birthday. We’re not talking about spending money – a simple email or phone call wishing them happy birthday and asking about plans will go a long way. Building relationships with clients is important, small things such as birthdays will enable you to get to know each other and the small talk will just flow!

3. Make time

Set aside time each week just to check in with clients. In between reports, ask how things are going? Good weekend? When things go quiet the client can begin to worry and start questioning when there really is no need. Putting time aside will make the client feel valued which helps with your business reputation and create a rewarding business to work with.

4. Manage expectations

This is important. Often clients will go in thinking that you will manage all their problems. Make it clear from the start on what you are setting to achieve. Show your business plan and confirm objectives right from the start. This will help to avoid any frustrations and misunderstanding. Having clear goals from the beginning will help to ensure everyone is on the same page.

At Freehouse, we find setting aside time for clients in our diaries not only helps with making our clients feel valued but it enables us to work smartly. Time aside lets us see our plans for the week and helps us keep on track! If you need help with services such as branding, web design, social media or print management, then give us a call… 

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